Publications 2020-2021

Adrien Néri, François Guyot, Bruno Reynard, Christophe Sotin (2020) A carbonaceous chondrite and cometary origin for icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 530, 115920

Arnaud Bouissonnié, Damien Daval, Franco̧is Guyot, and Philippe Ackerer (2020) The Dissolution Anisotropy of Pyroxenes: Experimental Validation of a Stochastic Dissolution Model Based on Enstatite Dissolution. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020 124 (5), 3122-3140 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.9b10824

Vincent P Milesi, Mathieu Debure, Nicolas CM Marty, Manuela Capano, Didier Jézéquel, Carl Steefel, Virgile Rouchon, Patrick Albéric, Edouard Bard, Gérard Sarazin, François Guyot, Aurélien Virgone, Éric C Gaucher, Magali Ader (2020) Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates in Volcanic Settings: The Role of Magmatic CO2 (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte, Indian Ocean). ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 4 (3), 363-378

Sara Laporte, Fabio Pietrucci, François Guyot, A Marco Saitta (2020) Formic Acid Synthesis in a Water–Mineral System: Major Role of the Interface J. Phys. Chem. C, 124, 9, 5125–5131 ACSEarth Space Chem. 4, 3, 363–378

Clément Berny, Raphael Le Fèvre, François Guyot, Karine Blondeau, Christine Guizonne, Emilie Rousseau, Nicolas Bayan, Edouard Alphandéry (2020) A method for producing highly pure magnetosomes in large quantity for medical applications using Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1 magnetotactic bacteria amplified in minimal growth media. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8, 16, 1-13

Eglantine Boulard, François Guyot, Guillaume Fiquet (2020) High‐Pressure Transformations and Stability of Ferromagnesite in the Earth’s Mantle Carbon in Earth’s Interior 105-113 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Jasmine S Berg, Arnaud Duverger, Laure Cordier, Christel Laberty-Robert, François Guyot, Jennyfer Miot (2020) Rapid pyritization in the presence of a sulfur/sulfate-reducing bacterial consortium. Sci Rep 10, 8264.

Thaïs Couasnon, Damien Alloyeau, Bénédicte Ménez, François Guyot, Jean-Marc Ghigo, Alexandre Gélabert (2020) In situ monitoring of exopolymer-dependent Mn mineralization on bacterial surfaces Science Advances 6, 27

Silvia Boccato, Raffaella Torchio, Simone Anzellini, Eglantine Boulard, François Guyot, Tetsuo Irifune, Marion Harmand, Innokenty Kantor, Francesca Miozzi, Paraskevas Parisiades, Angelika D Rosa, Daniele Antonangeli, Guillaume Morard (2020) Melting properties by X-ray absorption spectroscopy: common signatures in binary Fe–C, Fe–O, Fe–S and Fe–Si systems Scientific Reports 10,1, 1-13

J‐A Hernandez, G Morard, M Guarguaglini, R Alonso‐Mori, A Benuzzi‐Mounaix, R Bolis, G Fiquet, E Galtier, AE Gleason, S Glenzer, F Guyot, B Ko, HJ Lee, WL Mao, B Nagler, N Ozaki, AK Schuster, SH Shim, T Vinci, A Ravasio (2020) Direct Observation of Shock‐Induced Disordering of Enstatite Below the Melting Temperature. Geophysical Research Letters, 47 (15)

Daval, D., Guyot, F., Bolotov, I.N. et al. Symbiotic cooperation between freshwater rock-boring bivalves and microorganisms promotes silicate bioerosion. Sci Rep 10, 13385 (2020).

Laura Galezowski, Nadir Recham, Dominique Larcher, Jennyfer Miot, Fériel Skouri-Panet, François Guyot (2020). Microbially Induced Mineralization of Layered Mn Oxides Electroactive in Li Batteries Frontiers in microbiology 11, 2031

Arnaud Duverger, Jasmine S Berg, Vincent Busigny, François Guyot, Sylvain Bernard, Jennyfer Miot (2020) Mechanisms of pyrite formation promoted by sulfate-reducing bacteria in pure culture Frontiers in Earth Science 8, 457

Mary Aubry, Wei-An Wang, Yohan Guyodo, Eugénia Delacou, Jean-Michel Guigner, Olivier Espeli, Alice Lebreton, François Guyot, Zoher Gueroui. (2020) Engineering E. coli for Magnetic Control and the Spatial Localization of Functions ACS Synthetic Biology, 9, 11, 3030-3041

Caroline L Monteil, Karim Benzerara, Nicolas Menguy, Cécile C Bidaud, Emmanuel Michot-Achdjian, Romain Bolzoni, François P Mathon, Margot Coutaud, Béatrice Alonso, Camille Garau, Didier Jézéquel, Eric Viollier, Nicolas Ginet, Magali Floriani, Sufal Swaraj, Martin Sachse, Vincent Busigny, Elodie Duprat, François Guyot, Christopher T Lefevre.(2021) Intracellular amorphous Ca-carbonate and magnetite biomineralization by a magnetotactic bacterium affiliated to the Alphaproteobacteria The ISME Journal 15, 1-18

Antonin Affholder, François Guyot, Boris Sauterey, Régis Ferrière and Stéphane Mazevet (2021) Bayesian analysis of Enceladus’ plume data to assess methanogenesis. Nature Astronomy, 2021/6/7, 1-10

Caroline Avril, Valérie Malavergne, Eric D Van Hullebusch, Fabrice Brunet, Stephan Borensztajn, Jérôme Labanowski, Louis Hennet, François Guyot (2021) Aqueous alteration and bioalteration of a synthetic enstatite chondrite Meteoritics & Planetary Science 56, 3, 601-618

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