News July 2021

Recently published 3 hopefully important papers : Antonin Affholder, François Guyot, Boris Sauterey, Régis Ferrière and Stéphane Mazevet (2021) Bayesian analysis of Enceladus’ plume data to assess methanogenesis. Nature Astronomy, 2021/6/7, 1-10 What I find important in this article, beyond the quantitative estimation of the likelihood of the presence of life with metabolic methanogenesis in…Plus

July 2020

Models of experiments of phosphate release associated to microbially-induced iron sulfide precipitations (FeS, Fe3S4 greigite, FeS2 pyrite) published in Jasmine S Berg, Arnaud Duverger, Laure Cordier, Christel Laberty-Robert, François Guyot, Jennyfer Miot (2020) Rapid pyritization in the presence of a sulfur/sulfate-reducing bacterial consortium. Sci Rep 10, 8264 and to be submitted soon in the…Plus